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Salt Life

Food Shack

Our Favorite Flavors

Caliche's Poke Bowl

Straight from wishbones in playa jaco — fresh tuna seasoned with caliche’s secret marinade. Served with steamed spinach over sticky rice and finished with diced avocados, green onions and sesame seeds. Pura vida!


Beach Boil

Shrimp, snow crab legs, sausage, corn, onions and potatoes served in our seasoned boil


Rainforest Shack Fish

Woodgrilled catch of the day finished with our signature salsa verde and julienned vegetables. Served on top of a warm black bean orzo and plantains

Salt Life Seafood Shack offers a carefully crafted eclectic menu that caters to all tastes and personalities.  Enjoy a wide array of specialty menu items, some favorites picked up along the way, including a tuna bowl (straight from the Wishbones of Costa Rica).  Fresh rolled sushi, local fried shrimp and beer can chicken made with none other than PBR.  There are plenty of options to suit your many cravings.  See for yourself.


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